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B i o g r a p h y

The North Atlantic Project is an ongoing adventure, creating innovative ways to combine Scottish and bluegrass music with their own original compositions.  Formed around a fireplace in Glasgow, this unusual marriage of harp and dobro has been warmly received by audiences at festivals throughout Europe, Canada and across Scotland.  Alaskan Cheyenne Brown on harp brings out the Scottish flavours and Scottish Dave Currie on dobro, guitar and vocals showcases the American seasoning.  But things get really exciting when the traditionally-Celtic harp stomps out a bluegrass standard with a choppy bassline, or the American-invented dobro slides through a beautiful Scottish air.  The rhythmic and lyrical fretless bass of Graham Muir underpins the transitions between Americana and Scotland.  The combination is truly a unique cross-genre bricolage of instruments, culture and soundscapes.



Their album Some Part of Something  (with Dave Boyd on percussion) has been critically acclaimed as "flawless coming together of cross-genre, mixed influence, multicultural music... sublimely melodic and instensely gorgeous".


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